Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock are quickly becoming country-rock's answer to the legendary Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner partnership. Not only have they collaborated musically and will be embarking on a joint summer tour, they're also working together on a song with Bob Seger for his upcoming album.

"I recorded a new song with Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow just a month ago," Bob tells Rolling Stone. "I was recording in Nashville and it happened to be the night that Rock was playing in town. I texted him and said, 'After the show, if you and Sheryl want to come out and sing, come over.' Sheryl lives in Nashville. They came by and did a beautiful job on a song called 'Hannah.'"

The tune is a far cry from Kid Rock and Sheryl's tormented lovers duet, 'Picture.' "It's a pretty little song," he continues. "It's not a hit or anything, but it's a pretty song with a nice melody. It's a father to a daughter song."

This isn't the first time the trio have recorded together. Kid Rock and Sheryl's duet 'Collide,' from Kid Rock's 'Born Free' album, features Bob on piano. If the collaborations between Kid Rock and Sheryl seem like a piece of cake, well, they are.

"Any day, any hour of the day or night, if [Rock] calls me I'm totally there," Sheryl tells Billboard. "I'm such a huge fan of his, and I love the guy. He's a great songwriter, and I feel like our collaboration together is always easy and it just ... works."

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