Shania Twain's new song "Soldier" -- one of the tracks on her upcoming album Now -- will be featured in a new movie, Thank You for Your Service. The song appears in a recently released feature on the film, which readers can watch above.

The Thank You for Your Service preview, which Twain shared on Twitter, combines clips from the movie with some of Twain's "Soldier." Lyrics include "Don't close the door when you leave, it's cold out / I need to see the air when you breathe and say out loud / You're not alone; when you dream, I'm with you / I hear your heart when it beats; I feel it, too / Sleep in peace / Love is tender / Please remember me."

"Has anybody seen my soldier standing all alone? / Has anybody seen my soldier just trying to get home?" goes the chorus of "Soldier." The lines speak to the struggle of a young soldier returning from deployment and readjusting to civilian life, which is the theme of Thank You for Your Service.

Twain is set to release her Now album on Sept. 29. Thank You For Your Service will be released in theaters in October.

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