Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek and Fiction Family is set to release a solo album on July 1.

'All I Do Is Lie' is the followup to Watkins' third solo album, 'Blinders On,' which was released during Nickel Creek's nine year recording hiatus. Nickel Creek recorded their recent release, 'A Dotted Line,' in just 11 days, and Watkins says the writing process for a band project is very different than for a solo album.

"When you’re in a band situation, you’re always compromising -- not in a bad way, necessarily. You’re working with someone and you have validation," he tells the Bluegrass Situation. "I’ll have an idea in a band situation that I may not be that sure of, and I’ll just throw it out there, like in Nickel Creek, and Sara and Chris may be like 'Oh that’s really cool, let’s do that.' I may not have been that excited about it if it had just been me. You get that feedback in a band situation, which is really helpful. In a solo situation, you have more control ... but the flip side is you don’t get the ideas from other people or the validation of your idea."

Watkins penned all 10 of the songs on 'All I Do Is Lie,' which will be released via Roaring Girl Records on CD and digital formats.

After touring with Nickel Creek this summer, Watkins will hit the road with Tom Brosseau to support their solo albums in October.

Sean Watkins, "All I Do Is Lie' Track Listing:

1. 'Since The Day That I Was Born'
2. 'Wave As We Run'
3. 'All I Do Is Lie'
4. 'Made for TV Movie'
5. 'Don't Say You Love Me'
6. 'This Will End in Tears'
7. 'What Wanting Means'
8. 'The God You Serve'
9. 'Keep Your Promises'
10. 'Meredith'