Ahead of his just-announced upcoming album, Same Truck, Scotty McCreery has released a brand-new song called "Why You Gotta Be Like That."

The playful tune was written by McCreery, James McNair, and Jordan Schmidt, a trio with great writing chemistry. “Writing with James and Jordan is always so much fun," McCreery says, "and I think that genuine feeling comes through in the song as well.”

“Why You Gotta Be Like That” appears to have some basis in reality: “My wife Gabi and I had a date night the evening before I wrote "Why You Gotta Be Like That,"" explains McCreery. “She came downstairs looking gorgeous as usual and, well … the song tells the rest of the story."

The new track is the second release from McCreery's upcoming album, which is due out in full in September. The fist single, “You Time,” is a Top 15 hit -- and rising -- on the Mediabase Country chart for the week dated July 18-24.

When not writing for his upcoming album, McCreery has been keeping busy with virtual performances and now, as pandemic restrictions begin to ease up, on the road. The singer performed 130 virtual concerts in 2020, and his in-person tour schedule seems not to be much lighter.

McCreery recently performed in Anchorage, Alaska, allowing him to now say that he has performed in all 50 states. Throughout the fall McCreery will perform over 25 dates, including both headlining shows and concerts supporting Old Dominion, Chris Young, Josh Turner and other acts.

Scotty McCreery, "Why You Gotta Be Like That" Lyrics:

Got a party at eight, it’s 7:53 / Keys in my hand, somewhere to be / And you come strolling down the stairs / You got that up-to-somethin’ look on your face / Looks like we’re gonna be fashionably late / But you don’t seem to care ...

 So, I set down my whiskey and you kiss me / You lean your back against the wall / When we walk in and it’s past 10 / I’mma tell em’ it’s your fault ...


Baby, why you gotta wear them jeans? / Hair down and a white tank top / Baby why you gotta be so mean? / Looking so good I can’t stop / My hands from touchin’ your body / You know I love it, but I got to ask / Baby, why, baby, why, baby, why you gotta be like that?

 I’m so predictable, it’s like you know / That denim and low-cut combo / With the fire in your eyes / Gonna get me every time / It’s been like that since we met / You keep messing with my head / You love to play that game / And I hate to complain, but ...

Repeat Chorus

 Whoa-oh / Why you gotta be like that?

I set down my whiskey and you kiss me / You lean your back against the wall / When we walk in and it’s past 10 / I’mma tell em’ it’s your fault ...

Repeat Chorus

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