Scotty McCreery has more metal to add to his collection. The reigning 'American Idol' champ's second single, 'The Trouble With Girls' has been certified gold, signifying sales in excess of 500,000 units.

"Having the first single ['I Love You This Big'] go gold was crazy, but having the second single go gold and to see the response it is getting in our shows is incredible," says the North Carolina native. "I wish I could come up with better words than 'wild' and 'incredible,' because this is really special."

The song, which is from his platinum-selling debut album, 'Clear as Day,' is one the 18-year-old felt could resonate with fans of all ages. "I told my mom, 'If you were at home doing dishes, this is the kind of song that makes you stop what you are doing and listen to it,'" he explains to The Boot. "It has a haunting melody. After I listened to the demo once, I found myself singing it in the room and going out to dinner and humming it to myself there. When you hear that kind of song and you can't help but keep singing it, you know you've got a good one."

The high-school senior is busy juggling schoolwork with performing his duties as opening act on Brad Paisley's Virtual Reality tour, but he says it's the support from his loyal followers that keeps him motivated night after night.

"As the weeks go by, we are seeing more and more fans singing ['The Trouble With Girls'] back to us," Scotty notes. "It's a great feeling when you see that and see the fans appreciating your work. We're having a good time out there."

Performing in front of sold-out crowds isn't the only fun the singer is having. He is also keeping his tour boss -- and known prankster -- on his toes. At a show last week in Springfield, Mo., Scotty pulled a fast one on the headliner by appearing on stage dressed from head to toe as Brad, complete with a goatee and hat. See the hilarious picture here.

The Virtual Reality tour, which also includes the Band Perry, will continue this week with stops in Maryland, Tennessee and Kentucky. See the complete tour schedule here.

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