Scotty McCreery has released a new single, "Home in My Mind," from his upcoming album, Seasons ChangeReaders can press play above to listen to the nostalgic new tune. The song was written by McCreery, along with James McNair and Tommy Cecil, and is part of the collection that the artist says captures where he is at in his life right now.

"Well I'm a thousand miles away / And it feels like a thousand days / Since I've seen that smile / Heard that laugh / Felt that touch I've been needing so bad / And the only way to get there fast" -- the first verse kicks off McCreery's imaginary trip back home, building up to a swelling chorus: "I'm going home in my mind / Cruisin' by them Carolina pines / Taking it slow down 35 / Down Timber Drive / I can already feel your hand in mine / Sweet tea, porch swing, supper on the stove / Everything I've been missing on the road / I can't be there tonight / But when I close my eyes / I'm going home in my mind."

"Home in My Mind" is the last track on McCreery's new album, which is due out on March 16, and the fourth song that he has shared off of the project, following "Five More Minutes," "In Between" and "Wherever You Are." While some of his new songs seem to have location themes, the overarching message of his album is about the gradual evolution over time of life and love.

Seasons Change, the country artist's first release in five years, is slotted for release on March 16, but readers can pre-order it now at McCreery's website.

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