Scotty McCreery performed a new song, "Five More Minutes," during a concert in Raleigh, N.C., on Saturday (Oct. 24).

"The time goes by, the clock don't stop / I wish I had a few more drops of the good stuff / The good times, they just keep on flying right on by / Like it ain't nothing / Wish I had me a pause button," McCreery sings in the new tune. "Moments like those, Lord knows I'd take / Yeah, sometimes this ol' life will leave you wishing / That you had five more minutes." Press play on the video above to hear a snippet of the song.

“This has become probably my favorite song I’ve ever written,” McCreery told the crowd of "Five More Minutes," which is one of five tracks that he co-wrote for his upcoming record. "It's very relatable, I think, for a lot of folks."

The song's lyrics are especially meaningful to McCreery, whose grandfather passed away in January.

“He lived life to the fullest, was good-natured and had a hearty laugh. He was totally devoted to my Grandmother Paquita for 57 years. Together, they raised three children and were inspirations for their six grandchildren,” McCreery says. “He was one amazing guy who drove a black mustang convertible and could still dive off his diving board in his backyard pool.”

The Season 10 American Idol winner has already released “Southern Belle” from his upcoming new record. Although he hasn't revealed when his new set of tunes will be available, he does hint that next year will be a big year for him.

"We’ll look at things in 2016 and see if we want to headline or see if we want to get on a tour out there," he tells the Boot. "It should be a fun rest of the year, and a fun 2016.”

In addition to making tour plans in the new year, the singer will also release a new autobiography, Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream, on May 3, 2016.

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