Have mercy! Scotty McCreery's lyric video for "Southern Belle" dropped Monday (Aug. 31).

"Southern Belle," which also impacted radio on Monday, is a groove-driven, playful, highly-infectious track from McCreery's forthcoming record. The lyric video features a brunette Southern belle, clad in Daisy Dukes and a white tank top, carrying a rifle and driving a beat-up pickup truck.

She's feminine, strong and can hold her own out in the country -- plus, she's a regular old Annie Oakley from the looks of her shooting skills.

Throughout the over three-minute clip, the lyrics appear in toy alphabet letters, on a bullseye, and on the gallons filled with water that the girl hits with her expert shots. While it's a lyric video and not a music video, McCreery's newest visual offering still offers plenty of entertainment.

Somewhere down South / There’s a swinging screen door / Sundressed beauty on a hot front porch / Knocking one back, baby / Oh my Lord, have mercy,” McCreery sings in the addictive song.

The gorgeous country is also shown throughout the lyric video and there's nothing we want more than to explore the cornfields and ride across open fields. If we can get a sharp-shooting lesson too, that would seal the deal.

Sean McConnell and Jason Saenz wrote "Southern Belle" and it's McCreery's lead single from his record due out in 2016. The American Idol winner has been on the road with Rascal Flatts for their 2015 Riot Tour and all of his tour dates can be viewed on McCreery's website.

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