Scotty McCreery's new single, "Southern Belle," is groovy to the max. The country star debuted the tune on Friday (July 31) in New York City.

The singer took the stage at the Fox & Friends All-American Summer Concert Series, and from the very first lines — "Somewhere down South / There's a swinging screen door / Sundressed beauty on a hot front porch / Knocking one back, baby / Oh my Lord, have mercy" — the crowd was hooked.

McCreery is known for his basement-low vocals, and he really shows them off in this new song, but the American Idol winner also hits some pretty high notes (at least for him). "Southern Belle" gives McCreery a fresh new feel, and he and his backing band obviously enjoy playing it. The gang vocals on "have mercy" during the song are especially fun.

"Southern Belle" is an ode to a quintessential Southern belle, and the fast-paced lyrics, written by Jason Saenz and Sean McConnell, keep listeners on their toes, referencing red lipstick, blue jeans, sweet tea, biscuits with honey, mason jars and more.

"Ain't nothing ring like a Southern belle / Those angels singing down in the Bible Belt," McCreery playfully sings in the track. "Well, brother, if loving those sweet tea, blue-jean dreams is wrong / Well, I can’t help it."

“Southern Belle” will impact country radio at the end of August. It's the first single from McCreery's forthcoming new album, due out early next year.

"I’m going to make a country music record. That’s what I had to try to convey to the label, and they were all for it," McCreery says. "The stuff I grew up with was that kind of music — I want to have some depth and portray a different side.”

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