It's one of the most highly-anticipated albums of the year in any genre, and fans will finally get their fill on October 4, 2011. That's the day 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery will release his debut album, 'Clear as Day.'

Though a track list has not yet been revealed, we do know that Scotty's breakout hit, 'I Love You This Big,' will be on the album. The tune made Billboard history earlier this year, leaving the North Carolina native pleasantly shocked. "That's very humbling for me," he told The Boot. "Just a week after 'Idol,' I heard about it in an interview and I was taken aback. I'm looking forward to what else I can do, if I can work my tail off to get there! If I can break another record, we'll see, but I've gotta just work, work work."

And work, work, work he has certainly been doing. The 17-year-old singer has been pulling double-duty on the American Idols Live! Tour, finding and recording songs during his rare breaks. "We've been working hard on this album not only in Nashville, but in studios across the country because I've been on the Idol tour," Scotty reports. "We're putting what I believe are the best songs we could find on it and I really hope everyone likes it. The whole experience has been amazing!"

Claiming producer credits on 'Clear as Day' is Mark Bright, who was also at the helm of albums by a who's who list of country superstars including Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans and Lonestar. Similarly big names can be found on the songwriting credits of Scotty's CD. "We've got songs on it from some of the best songwriters in country music," says the singer. "I'm so fortunate to have so many talented people contributing to my first album."

By the sound of it, Scotty's album is going to be very much like his performances on 'American Idol.' "It has some old country influences and elements, but it also has a contemporary feel with fun uptempo songs," he says of the project. "It's a good mixture. You can hear some of the influences that I grew up with, like Hank Williams, Conway Twitty and Merle Haggard, but it still has a contemporary twist and feel that keeps it up to date.

"I chose these songs because they mean a lot to me, but I think everybody can relate to these kinds of songs," Scotty continues. "'Clear as Day' just sounded like a great album title, but it's also one of my favorite songs on the album, and I love the message behind the song, which was written by Casey Beatherd, Phil O'Donnell and Adam Wheeler."

Fans can pre-order 'Clear as Day' on Scotty's official website, with the added bonus of an autographed 8x10 photo (for a limited quantity of orders), a personalized poster and an instant download of 'I Love You This Big.'

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