Singer-songwriter Sarah Davidson revealed her divorce from songwriter Dallas Davidson during Monday night's (March 17) episode of 'Private Lives of Nashville Wives.'

Sarah's story arc on the show has dealt with her double life as the wife of one of the most successful songwriters in Music City, as well as a struggling artist paying her dues out on the road. Dallas Davidson's deep catalog of hits includes Trace Adkins‘ ‘Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,’ the Brad Paisley and Keith Urban duet ‘Start a Band’ and Luke Bryan‘s ‘That’s My Kind of Night,’ among many others, while Sarah is slated to release her debut EP on March 25. Her music is also an integral part of each episode of 'Nashville Wives,' and she recorded the theme song for the program.

Both she and Dallas have been candid on-camera about the strain their careers place on their relationship, with long separations as a necessary part of the equation.

Things came to a head on Monday's episode at one of Sarah's performances in the couple's native state of Georgia, which she felt was another in a long line of examples of her husband not supporting her. She revealed to cast mate Jenny Terrell at the end of the episode that the difficult trip was the final straw, and that the couple had filed for divorce.

Sarah tells The Boot that when she signed on for the show, she had no worries about the way it would portray her marriage.

"Going into it, I did not. On the back end, I do," she reflects. "I went through a lot of personal changes this summer, and I don't think that the show had any effect on anything. I think that it maybe only brought some things to light that were present."

The divorce actually took place months ago, meaning that viewers will see the drama unfold over subsequent episodes. "Looking back and having to re-live some things I think is going to be difficult, but at the end of the day, my approach to that situation was just trying to carry myself with grace and give grace, and give myself forgiveness, and forgive the situation," Davidson shares.

"I just really tried to take a positive outlook on it -- the whole situation. One of the most important things that has stuck with me -- I've just been reading a bunch of books, and therapy and that whole thing -- is this quote: 'The greatest message of hope for others is your own personal healing.' So I took that quote as an opportunity to be a message of hope and sanity and grace in a time that was extremely challenging for me."

Davidson hopes some good can come from her trying experience. "I really just wanted to be an example to other people who were going through similar situations, that it doesn't have to be the end of your life," she says.