The Boot talks with songwriters Ben Hayslip and Dallas Davidson about the latest Joe Nichols single, 'The Shape I'm In,' which the two co-wrote with singer-songwriter Rhett Akins.

Ben: I had the title my whole life. For years I've always ask my granddad how he was doing, and he'd say, "I'm OK for the shape I'm in ..." He was always in good shape, but he would always say that. I had that idea in my notebook for eight to 10 years. For whatever reason it never hit me in a way to write it in a song.

Dallas was playing a cool groove ... another one of our two-chord specials. We threw a couple lines out, and that title at that time struck me. I said, "This is the day to write this song!" Dallas picked up the guitar, Rhett played lead, and somebody threw the ideas out.

Dallas: The morning we wrote this song I was hung over with a pounding head in my office. Rhett and Ben came over to write. I had picked up a napkin off the desk that had a girl's number on it. That's where the line about number off the napkin and pounding head came from. From there we went off to the races. I think we just dialed into that one real quickly.