Country fans, get ready for another legion of country music superstars in say ... oh, 18 years? Some of today's hottest country artists have had babies in 2015, which means their musical genes (and, okay, good looks) could very well have been passed down to their bundles of joy.

The baby boom began when Mallary Hope and her husband Ryan Dokke welcomed Scarlett Ruth on Jan. 19, turning their family of two into a family of three. Other country singers quickly began adding to the next generation, with Logan Mize becoming a proud papa for a second time on Valentine's Day.

But there wasn't just one V-Day country baby this year: Clara Henningsen gave birth to her little one on the holiday of love as well. And at the end of the month, Eric Church and his gorgeous wife went from a trio to a quartet with the birth of Tennessee Hawkins Church (and they win the award for best nickname ever: Hawk).

Oh, and we can't forget that Carrie Underwood's long-awaited little boy also entered the world, much to the delight of fans -- especially after Brad Paisley spilled the beans about the baby's gender at the 2014 CMA Awards. With powerful pipes and hockey talent in his gene pool, who knows what kind of superstar baby Isaiah will turn into? But we're pretty sure he'll always be a star in Mom and Dad's book, whether or not he becomes a household name.

Click through the gallery above and get ready for your heart to melt when you see all the pictures of the tiny country cuties born in 2015. Watch out -- you might even get some baby fever!

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