At long last, Sam Hunt is releasing his sophomore album. More than five years after 2014's Montevallo shot the singer to country stardom, he'll give his fans what they've been waiting for: a new record.

On Feb. 5, Hunt revealed a release date for and a few additional details of his sophomore album, Southside. Read on for the details we know so far.

The Title

Hunt's sophomore record is titled Southside.

The Release Date

Hunt's new record is due out in Spring 2020. Southside will be available on April 3.

The Record Label

Southside is being released via MCA Nashville. Hunt signed with the label for his debut album, 2014's Montevallo.

The Producer

Producers Zach Crowell, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne are back for Hunt's sophomore album.

The Album Cover

Hunt's Southside album cover features the singer standing outside a house, dog on a leash and car visible in the driveway. The album's title is printed in simple block lettering in the lower righthand corner.

The Single

Hunt dropped "Kinfolks," the first single from Southside, in October of 2019. Written by Hunt, Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers and Josh Osborne, the song is sonically very much in line with the pop- and hip-hop-influenced sound for which the artist has become known. The track finds Hunt falling hard for a woman, quickly asking to "take [her] home, not just take [her] home tonight."

Southside's second single, "Hard to Forget," samples a country classic, meanwhile. The heartbroken track that plays off of Webb Pierce's No. 1 hit "There Stands the Glass."

The Songs

On Jan. 3, Hunt released "Sinning With You," another new song from Southside. The track, Hunt explains, takes a look at changing religious beliefs through the lens of love: "It speaks to the broader pursuit of truth and understanding, in terms of how you are supposed to live your life," he says.

Hunt's Southside track list also includes "Nothing Lasts Forever," a song he debuted live, as well as his 2017 megahit "Body Like a Back Road;" another song he released in 2017, "Drinkin' Too Much;" and his 2018 single "Downtown's Dead." “There is more of that lighthearted sentiment on some songs," Hunt adds, "and then there are some reflective songs that balance those songs out."

Hunt notes that the break he's taken from the studio -- and, in 2019, from the road -- has put him back in touch with not only family members and dear friends but with his musical roots. "I definitely, if anything, will slide back into even a more traditional sound," Hunt says. "I like the idea of being adventurous and finding new ways to combine styles and to try to come up with something new and fresh."

Sam Hunt, Southside Track List:

1. "2016"
2. "Hard to Forget"
3. "Kinfolks"
4. "Young Once"
5. "Body Like a Back Road"
6. "That Ain’t Beautiful"
7. "Let It Down"
8. "Downtown’s Dead"
9. "Nothing Lasts Forever"
10. "Sinning With You"
11. "Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90s"
12. "Drinkin’ Too Much"

The Tour

On Feb. 5, Hunt announced plans for his 2020 Southside Summer Tour. Hunt will kick off the trek on May 28 in Charlotte, N.C., and more than 40 stops are planned. The singer will be bringing Kip Moore and country up-and-comers Travis Denning and Ernest on the road with him; Brandi Cyrus will also DJ a set.

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