Ryan Hurd has never been shy about sharing how he feels about wife and fellow country star Maren Morris in his music, and the singer/songwriter has just released a brand-new song that oozes romance, love and the intimacy that comes from truly knowing a partner. Press play above to listen to the track.

"Take off your makeup, nobody's around / It's you and me, girl, just let your guard down..." Hurd sings in the opening verse of "To a T." "I got you down to a T-shirt, white sheets and red wine / Baby, you don't wanna leave / You want a record with some reverb, backbeat and low light / You know I know what you need tonight / Girl, I'll take my time, dot every i / Baby, I got you down to a T," the chorus continues, bolstered by backing harmonies from Morris herself.

"Have loved this song since the day @ryanhurd brought it home from his write," Morris shared on Twitter. "Was a pleasure singing some harmonies on To a T. I've loved being your wife and the muse of your music."

In the spring of 2018, Hurd released "Diamonds or Twine," another swoon-worthy love ballad which was also inspired by his real-life love story. The country singer played the song for Morris when he proposed to her over the Fourth of July weekend of 2017, and the song was released to the public just in time for the couple's wedding on March 24, 2018. The couple has also co-starred in the music video for Hurd's song, "Love in a Bar."

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd's Love Story in Pictures

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