Ruston Kelly is releasing a collection of his favorite emo songs. Appropriately enough, the project will be called Dirt Emo Vol. 1.

The collection will include eight tracks, all of which are favorites of the singer. Ahead of the release, Kelly has already shared "Screaming Infidelities." The song was originally recorded by Dashboard Confessional in 2000, and that band's lead singer, Chris Carraba, joins Kelly on the track. In a touching video shared by Kelly, Carraba explains how much it means to him to have a new version of the song out in the world.

"I'm glad we will have this song in the world; I'm glad that I will have this version of the song for me. I strangely feel like this will become the definitive version of the song for me," Carrabba remarks. Press play above to hear the singer's full take on the impact he expects the song's re-imagined version to have, as well as Kelly's response.

Other tracks on the project will include Kelly's take on the Carter Family’s “Weeping Willow” and Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.” Kelly's Dirt Emo Vol. 1 will be released later this fall, on Oct. 11, through Rounder Records. More information about Kelly can be found on his official website.

Ruston Kelly, Dirt Emo Vol. 1 Track List:

1. “Screaming Infidelities” feat. Chris Carrabba (originally by Dashboard Confessional)
2. “Teenage Dirtbag” [Live] (originally by Wheatus)
3. “At Your Funeral” (originally by Saves The Day)
4. “Dammit” (originally by Blink 182)
5. “All Too Well” (originally by Taylor Swift)
6. “Teenage Dirtbag” [Acoustic] (originally by Wheatus)
7. “Weeping Willow” (originally by The Carter Family)
8. “Helena” (originally by My Chemical Romance)

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