Runaway June's new single "We Were Rich" will hit the heart of an '80s child, but the song's nostalgic message is applicable to kids of any decade. The trio's best single to date is warm and inviting, if just a little poignant.

While the group shows great depth across their Blue Roses album, thus far, they've just released one kind of radio single. Now established as proudly independent women, Naomi Cooke and company reveal more well-rounded emotions during a song good enough to be considered for all the annual pageants.

Ross Copperman, Nicolle Galyon and Ashley Gorley (three of Nashville's finest commercial songwriters) wrote "We Were Rich," but it's Cooke's lead vocals and her band's quiet harmonies that resonate. The group has learned that not all members need to be given an equal showcase on every song. It's fine to take turns and best when one member emerges as lead.

It's worth noting that Galyon also helped write Miranda Lambert's "Automatic," a song from 2014 that many will fairly compare to "We Were Rich." Both roll along to windshield-wiper time while listing old touchstones gone but not forgotten. It's an approach still underused in country music. As country music fans, we never grow tired of looking back with a tear in our eye.

An updated version of "We Were Rich" includes new Runaway June member Natalie Stovall, who replaced Hannah Mulholland in May.

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Runaway June, "We Were Rich" Lyrics: 

Reynolds wrap, old rabbit ears / TV tray, back in the day we'd watch The Wonder Years / Old Wagoneer, wood-panel doors / We wore out our old jeans that were faded from the store / And that old couch / We'd pull the cushions off, if we found 50 cents / We'd go crazy, we thought we were rich

One bathroom sink, we'd all take turns / Once a week, go out to eat for pizza after church / And that old church, red carpet floors / Same old navy paisley tie Daddy always wore / And we'd sing hymns / They'd pass the plate when it was time to give / They'd put in a twenty, I thought we were rich


We didn't have it all, but we all thought we did / And Mama always said that we were blessed, and I believed her / I never thought the grass was greener / On the other side of our old chain link fence / Yeah, we were rich

I never saw New York / Never took a plane / Once a year, we'd drive out to the nearest KOA / And we'd light a fire / Stare at the stars / And play flashlight tag with the people in the tent there next to ours / Time of our lives, we had as much as all the other kids / Maybe that's why we thought we were rich

Repeat Chorus

Got a few more dollars in my pocket / Since the day I left that cotton town / And back there, they all think I made it / God knows I'd trade it / For everything we had in that house

'Cause we were rich / Yeah, we were rich

Repeat Chorus

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