Rob Aldridge finds himself struggling to stay afloat amid a toxic relationship in "Poor Taste," his new song with his band the Proponents. The track and its accompanying music video are premiering exclusively on The Boot; press play below to listen.

“Poor Taste” is a collaboration with fellow Muscle Shoals-based artists Wanda Wesolowski and the second single from the band's upcoming album, Mind Over Manners. The video, directed and produced by Corey Hannah, features the duo in a seemingly playful Nerf battle on a playground. Musically, "Poor Taste" is a bit of a departure from Aldridge's heavier, guitar-driven debut album with the Proponents, but the lighter feel of "Poor Taste" is juxtaposed with lyrics that dive into the dark dynamics of unhealthy love.

“‘Poor Taste’ is a song about a tumultuous relationship that becomes harder to get out of the worse it gets,” Aldridge tells The Boot. “It talks about feeling so trapped that suicidal thoughts begin to creep in. Sometimes love can be a burden that causes you to ignore your own best interest. Neither character in the song is innocent, but they bring out the worst in each other. The male character exhibits toxic masculinity and aggressive behavior. However, the female character doesn’t submit to him, responding with fearless strength and attitude. Still, the two remain recklessly in love with one another and neither person wants to make the first move to end their vicious cycle.”

The sophomore release from Rob Aldridge and the Proponents, Mind Over Manners, will be released on January 21. The record was recorded at Studio 144 in Green Hill, Ala. and marks a bittersweet new chapter for the band. In April, bassist Stone Anderson died from an accidental drug overdose at the age of 27. Mind Over Manners serves as both a testament to Anderson's talents and a rocking celebration of the band's collective hard work, cementing their reputation as stalwarts of the North Alabama music scene.

You can find more information about Rob and the band's upcoming record via their official website.

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