August isn't shaping up to be the best month for Randy Travis. Early Saturday morning (Aug. 25) -- a day after he was cited for assault in a church parking lot and several weeks after his highly publicized DWI arrest -- police in Frisco, Texas, discovered a truck belonging to the country icon abandoned and smashed to bits in a field behind a Walmart, WOIA reports.

According to Randy's lawyer, a ranch hand had been using the truck, and the singer -- who rarely drives the vehicle -- is looking into how it wound up in the field. Police are also investigating the matter, and they've apparently yet to speak with the troubled star.

Randy's recent brushes with the law follow his February arrest for public intoxication in Sanger, Texas, after "an evening of celebrating the Super Bowl." At the time, he vowed to be more "responsible and committed."

Listen to the 911 Call from Randy's Last Arrest

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