A song that Randy Travis recorded before his stroke in 2013 but never widely released is now available online and for download. Readers can press play above to hear "One in a Row."

According to a press release, Buddy Jewell and Thom McHugh co-wrote "One in a Row," which Travis recorded some time before his stroke left him unable to sing and, largely, speak. After so many years of silence, it's beautiful to hear Travis' instantly recognizable baritone sing about trying oh-so-hard to get over a former flame.

"Am I dreaming? Or is that the morning sunlight shining in? / I can't believe it / I was sure my world was coming to an end," Travis sings against steel and acoustic guitars. "I may never live to see the day your memory lets me go / But I made it through the night / And that's one in a row."

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In 2019, Travis is revered as one of the genre's great neo-traditionalists, who brought country music back to its roots in the late '80s and early '90s. However, at the outset of his career, he struggled to gain traction due to the very style that made him so distinctive.

"When I came along and we were trying to attract attention, traditional country was not being sought after by record labels. It wasn't pitched by producers or welcomed by music executives," Travis writes in his new memoir, Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith and Braving the Storms of Life. "Everybody wanted 'new country' -- pop-contemporary sounds that to me sounded more like rock-and-roll over a lush orchestral bed."

Forever and Ever, Amen, which was released on May 14, finds the country star and New York Times bestselling author Ken Abraham looking back at the ups and downs of his lengthy and lauded country music career. Since his stroke, he's gotten married and joined the Country Music Hall of Fame -- and is continuing his recovery, under the watch of his wife Mary, each day.

"There's lots of joy," Mary says of Travis' memoir's content, and their life together in general. "There's lots of silver linings, even in the clouds."

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