The Randy Rogers Band have announced the upcoming release of their eighth studio album, titled Hellbent, on April 26. The six-member band of Texas natives includes Rogers, Geoffrey Hill, Jon Richardson, Brady Black, Les Lawless, and Todd Stewart, who have been making music together for two decades.

Known for their energetic live shows, the Randy Rogers Band's tireless tour schedule speaks to their popularity on the Red Dirt country circuit, where they're a fixture in live entertainment. The group got their start touring in a beat-up old Suburban that they called "Peaches," which is featured in the cover art of the new album.

Hellbent Album Cover
Original artwork by Morgan Avary

"We’re in it for the long haul," Rogers says in a press release. “We’re lifers. This is obviously our way of life. This isn’t some Johnny-come-lately group of guys. We’re like an oak tree. We’re not going anywhere. We’re not hinged on whether our next single will be a No.1. We’re not hinged on an album topping the charts. We have a great and loyal fan base and we do things right.

"When we play our shows, people expect to have a great night and to go home satisfied," he adds. "As long as we keep doing that, no change in the industry, no record deal or anything like that can make or break this band.”

Hellbent, produced by Dave Cobb, is an 11-track collection of songs co-written by Rogers and his bandmates. It includes the first single, "Crazy People," which impacts radio on Feb. 15, the same day the album will be available for pre-order.

Randy Rogers Band, Hellbent Track Listing:

1. "Drinking Money"
2. "I’ll Never Get Over You"
3. "Anchors Away"
4. "Comal County" 
5. "Hell Bent on a Heartache" 
6. "You, Me and a Bottle"
7. "We Never Made It to Mexico"
8. "Crazy People" 
9. "Fire in the Hole"
10. "Wine in a Coffee Cup" 
11. "Good One Coming On"

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