Randy Houser is the latest artist added to the Waylon Jennings tribute album currently in the works. For Randy, paying homage to Waylon was not only an honor, it fulfilled his dream of recording in the studio with the Outlaw's former band.

"The Waylon project is something I am very, very proud to be part of," Randy tells The Boot. "I'm on the first edition of the Waylon project. I think that there may be more to come. There are several people on there like Jamey Johnson, Sunny Sweeney ... gosh, there are a lot of people."

Randy recorded 'I'm a Ramblin' Man' for the album, but gave the tune his own special treatment which he believes Waylon would appreciate. "I kind of did it my own way and brought my guitar in. I made it sound like an old blues song. I know how Waylon loved the blues, and I did my own thing to it. It turned out very cool."

Randy acknowledges that Waylon Jennings played a key role in his musical direction as he was growing up. "He was such a huge influence on my career and still is. When you listen to radio and hear the same 20 or 25 songs, you start hunting down your CD's. Waylon Jennings' records were always around to listen to. Between him, Willie [Nelson], Conway [Twitty], Don Williams and Vern Gosdin, all those guys were people I'd listen to whenever I just needed a break from that same sound you hear all the time."

A teaser of what to expect on the Waylon tribute album from Randy can be seen by clicking here. Randy's latest album, 'They Call Me Cadillac,' hit stores earlier this month and features his latest single, 'A Man Like Me.'

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