Randy HouserRandy Houser's sophomore album, 'They Call Me Cadillac,' has a fitting title for the Mississippi native. "My nickname is Cadillac," Randy tells The Boot with laughter. "Everybody asks me, 'Why do they call you Cadillac?' I always tell them it's because I like everything real smooth. I'm laid back like that. I don't like anybody messing with my good time!"

So, Randy says he avoids "anything scheduled." "I can barely even commit to dinner tonight, because there might be something else that comes up that I want to do worse," he says with a grin. "That stresses me out to think that I have to put something on a schedule that I've got to be at. I can't stand it."

Even though his studio time is indeed scheduled, Randy says that's the place he doesn't get too stressed out ... until he picks up his guitar. "The singing part is the easy part for me," he explains. "That's the time where I might have a little nip on my Jack Daniels and put the lights down and create mood-lighting. I just try to relax. When I'm playing my guitar parts, I'm not real relaxed then because it's work. I'm kind of like the mad scientist a little bit. That's when I've got the bull by the horns and we're wrestling. It's like a cat trying to take down a bear. There are two different times of recording."

'They Call Me Cadillac' hits stores on Sept. 14. The album's current single is 'I'm All About It.'

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