Parmalee have released a sweet music video for their song "Roots," the lead single from the band's upcoming sophomore album.

The "Roots" music video expands on the song's message, interspersing clips of Parmalee returning home for what turns out to be a funeral with scenes of a young boy planting a tree with his father and growing up -- and growing older. As Parmalee sing, "No, I can't outrun these roots / Even if I wanted to," viewers will understand that idea that no matter where you go, your family and your home will always be with you.

The details of Parmalee's sophomore album have yet to be announced, but the band says that the project is "definitely progressive" from their debut disc, 2013's Feels Like Carolina.

"It's live verse two of that," lead singer Matt Thomas explains. "We use different instruments to make music now, and different ways to write songs.”

He adds, “Obviously, technology has changed, things we use to make music have changed. It’s more upbeat … We’re excited about the material."

Following Feels Like Carolina‘s release, Parmalee became one of only three country groups since 2001 to have three Top 10 singles on their debut album.

"Roots" is available on iTunes now.

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