This week was a busy one for new singles from Old Dominion, the Wild Feathers and many more country artists. Read on to hear all the latest new songs! 

Old Dominion, “Hotel Key”

Old Dominion have released a frisky and fun new single called "Hotel Key." The song is about a couple getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and taking comfort in a hotel room ... and each other. “She kept the hotel key / Slipped it in her purse / I guess it makes her think of me / And that night, we left our hearts on our sleeves and the clothes all over the floor,” Old Dominion sing in “Hotel Key.” “We both know we can't open the door / She kept the hotel key ...” “Hotel Key,” written by Old Dominion’s Trevor Rosen and Matthew Ramsey with Josh Osborne, will hit country radio on April 9. The song is from Old Dominion's latest release, Happy Endings.

The Wild Feathers, “Big Sky”

The Wild Feathers' new single is a love song dedicated to open sky and the peacefulness of the great outdoors. "Big Sky" has an near-instantaneous calming effect, as the group sings about the freedom and tranquility that come along with nature and wide-open skies. "Wide open spaces / Cool mountain breezes / Reaching down to save my soul / Take these city blues away / The closest thing to heaven that you'll find / Head for the big sky," the group sings. The Wild Feathers are made up of Ricky Young, Joel King, Ben Dumas and Taylor Burns. In a press release, the group explained that their sound is “partly like a lost Eagles album and the record Tom Petty never got to make.”

Parmalee, “Hotdamalama”

Parmalee's latest single, “Hotdamalama,” is a high-energy tribute to a girl who is out-of-this-world beautiful. Apparently, she’s so perfect that the group struggles to find a word to describe her, instead opting to use made-up descriptors such as “slamalamala” and “hotdamalama.” “Oh yeah, that girl is like a first-class, high-dollar ticket on the Chattanooga Choo-choo / Can I get a woo-woo? (Woo-woo!)” Parmalee sings in the playful, flirtatious new track. “Oh yeah, she kicks it like a Rockette / Cutoffs clean up to her pocket / Talkin’ ‘bout a home-run grand-slamalamala / Front to back jack, picture-perfect panorama / She's a super-fine reason to rhyme / Hotdamalama.” The incredibly catchy “Hotdamalama” is the seventh track on Parmalee's latest release, 27861.

Granville Automatic, “Well Whiskey”

The members of Granville Automatic have selected "Well Whiskey," a song about cozying up to the bar with a strong glass of whiskey, as their latest single. "Can you tell, whiskey? / I'm having one hell of a time / Trying to get him off my mind and into the past," they sing, in this passionate new song dedicated to the concept of trying to drink the pain away. "Is that too much to ask? / So can you help me? / I can't do it by myself, whiskey / It's the worst I've ever felt / I'm at the rock bottom of this glass / I'm giving you one more chance to tell the truth, whiskey / I've lost all I had to lose, whiskey." Granville Automatic are currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign to fund their fourth album, Radio Hymns.

Jordan Rager, “One of the Good Ones”

Jordan Rager goes with a rock 'n' roll vibe on his newest release. “One of the Good Ones” is a tune about looking back on life and realizing how great some things were -- maybe even realizing they were the best. Rager reminisces about the things that he used to have -- a great girl, trusted truck and dependable dog -- and how they were "One of the best ones / Better-than-the-rest ones / Like a first-dip Copenhagen and your first sip from a cold one / Like a Chipper Jones home run …

Adam Sanders, “Over Did It”

Adam Sanders has released the second single from his self-titled debut EP, which is due for release later this spring. “Over Did It” is a song about a no-pressure relationship that takes a turn for something more. At first, Sanders opens the song singing about wanting something casual -- “No strings, the kind of thing that never hurt no one / Looking for nothing more than a good time / Flying high until the goodbye" -- but as the song progresses, the singer realizes he's in too deep. “I'm talking all in / Fall in / Way past the limit / If you were trying to blow my mind / Girl, you overdid it,” the song continues. “The title and sentiment of the song came from a real place, at a real time in my life when I was going through those particular feelings and emotions,” Sanders explained in a press release. “I believe that this is the song that can take my career to a whole new level.”

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