Montgomery Gentry have announced a new album, Folks Like Us, set for release in June, and all this week (April 20-27), The Boot and our partner site Taste of Country will be sharing exclusive previews of the record's tunes. Today on The Boot, fans can get a sneak peek at "In a Small Town."

Written by Mike Busbee (known professionally as busbee), Brett James and Justin Weaver, the track reminisces about growing up in the titular small town — a place where you have "a bunch of good friends that had my back through thick and thin" and start a band "just to meet girls" and laments leaving.

"In a small town, you can lay roots down," Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry sing. "I ride those back roads 'til I get back home / And it kind of feels like I'm standing on hallowed ground / Some nights I think I shoulda just stuck around / In a small town."

"In a Small Town" is a quintessential Montgomery Gentry track -- and that's exactly what the duo was going for with this new album.

“Every now and then, we might try to change things up — musically and stuff, or when someone from the record label or management wanted to do something different,” Gentry says. “It always has come back to us that our audience wants us to do what Montgomery Gentry does best — and that’s singing to the hard-core, patriotic, blue-collar workers out here that work hard.”

The 10-track Folks Like Us will be released on June 9 on Blaster Records through RED Distribution.

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