Montgomery Gentry have released their new single, "Folks Like Us."

The song serves as a straight-up country anthem for the working class, with the duo singing about living a simple, God-fearing life.

"It's what you might expect to hear out of Montgomery Gentry," Troy Gentry tells Billboard. "It's a song about American society and making ends meet. It's about being patriotic and showing your faith and the love of family. It's one of those blue-collar songs that we've been known for doing for so long."

The Michael Knox-produced track was penned by Ash Bowers, Adam Craig and Neal Coty, and the sound is almost instantly recognizable to the band's fans; this is definitely a Montgomery Gentry song.

"Our fan base and radio listeners out there recognize when our music comes on the radio wherever they may hear our music. I think it's very identifiable, and it's what has made us unique and kept us in the game for as long as we've been around. We're just a little bit slightly different of what everybody else is doing," Gentry says. "Every now and then, we might try to change things up -- musically and stuff, or when someone from the record label or management wanted to do something different. It always has come back to us that our audience wants us to do what Montgomery Gentry does best -- and that's singing to the hard-core, patriotic, blue-collar workers out here that work hard."

The duo signed a new deal with Blaster Records last year. They are set to appear at the 2015 Volunteer Jam along with Travis Tritt, Trace AdkinsCraig MorganTed NugentTracy LawrenceColt Ford, the Oak Ridge BoysBilly Ray Cyrus and others.

"Folks Like Us" is available for download from iTunes.

Listen to Montgomery Gentry, "Folks Like Us":

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