Few women in country music these days can write and sing a think-before-you-cheat (or you might get something shot off!) song with as much passion and conviction as Miranda Lambert. The former cheerleader who's "always carryin'" (translation: toting a firearm -- a Colt .45, to be specific), says some of the ideas for her earliest songwriting efforts were inspired by conversations she heard at home between her dad, a former Dallas cop, and her mom, who joined him in a private-investigation practice.

"We didn't have normal dinner conversations, that's for sure," Miranda tells Men.Style.com. "My dad and mom were the head investigators for Paula Jones when she was suing Bill Clinton. It was crazy, all the cheating."

While Miranda, now 25, admits she did her fair share of partying on the road during the early days of her career, she says she's mellowed a bit, but is quick to add, "you still can't take away my Bacardi."

And when her third album, 'Revolution' is released Sept. 29, the blond bombshell says you can expect to hear an artist who's gone "from that crazy girl to someone a little wiser. I kill them a little more softly this time around."