Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert may deliver tough tunes such as 'Gunpowder and Lead' and 'White Liar,' but where animals are concerned, she's a major softie, especially when it comes to rescuing lost dogs.

The singer has quite the stable, consisting of several dogs (including her beloved Delilah), cats, chickens, goats, pigs and a miniature horse ... And she's just added to her brood. Miranda took to her Twitter page to announce she's taken in a tea cup chihuahua that was found in a dumpster. Posting a photo of the tiny dog, she tweeted, "I just adopted this.[Boyfriend] Blake [Shelton]'s mom Dorothy and I are sharing her. Her name is Cher!"

No word on whether she'll turn to Bob Mackie to design outfits for the little gypsy pup, but we're sure the newly christened Cher will live in much better accommodations than a dumpster now that she's hanging with Miranda.

After years of supporting the Humane Society of East Texas and other related charities that help raise awareness and funds for abandoned or abused pets, Miranda has also started her own MuttNation Foundation and recently raised more than $70,000 at a concert she and Blake held in Tishomingo, Okla. to benefit the local animal shelter. Her mother, Bev, is the president of the foundation and their goal is to raise $500,000 this year, which Miranda hopes to celebrate with matching tattoos. "I think I have [Mom] talked into getting a tattoo of the logo on our feet when we reach our goal," Miranda says in a blog entry. "I know she will chicken out, though. Or else Dad will give her so much crap that she'll regret even having the thought."

Miranda's third annual Cause for the Paws event will be held in Tyler, Texas on May 15, and she says to expect a few surprises this year.

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