Miranda Lambert is not only being hailed as a country music entertainer these days, she's also becoming a seasoned pro at playing referee during her live performances! While on stage in Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., this past weekend (September 4), the singer stopped midway through her current hit, 'Only Prettier,' to lash out at a couple of unruly guys who were apparently ready to rumble.

"Are you all gonna get in a fight?" she asked the pugilistic twosome in the first part of a clip captured during the show. "All right, well, you've got to stop [the song]," Miranda told her band, "because these guys are getting on my nerves."

"Do I need to come down there and kick one of y'all's ass?," the singer continued, before putting an end to the squabble. She and her band then launched into the chorus of the song, with the rather appropriate line, "let's shake hands and reach across those party lines." Still, that wasn't her last word on the subject.

"Tonight some idiots got in a fight on the front row at my show," she shared with her Twitter followers. "I had to stop and call them out. Funny part ... it was during 'Only Prettier.'"

It was only a few months ago that the bride-to-be interrupted yet another mid-concert fight -- this time among some females who got a little too rowdy. "Hey girls. Girls! Hey!," she yelled during her rendition of the classic Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood hit, 'Stay With Me.' "Are you all here to listen to music or get in each others' faces? Don't make me come down there, now!"

The reigning ACM Top Female Vocalist has a much less antagonistic fight in her future, having received a record-breaking nine CMA Award nominations last week, including one for Entertainer of the Year, a category in which she squares off against Lady Antebellum, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban and the Zac Brown Band.

Miranda admits the surge in her success is both thrilling and a little intimidating, too. "It's been slow and steady and it's been a great career, but all of a sudden just us as a family on the road and my camp, we feel it," she tells The Boot. "It's like this rumble under the ground that something's about to happen and now it's happening. It's great but it's also, like, really scary to me because I've never had that kind of a jump, a push, and so I'm a little bit afraid."

Miranda will spend most of the fall season on the road, as part of CMT's fall tour, along with Eric Church and Josh Kelley. Find show dates here.