A week before its Aug. 23 release, Midland previewed sophomore Big Machine release Let It Roll with a plaintive new ballad, "Fast Hearts and Slow Towns." Press play above to listen!

Tight three-part harmonies, championed almost 40 years ago by Alabama, guide a song beholden to both Tennessee and Texas tradition. Like the two Exile covers Alabama turned into hits, "The Closer You Get" and "Take Me Down," it's a slow dance waiting to happen despite being far from low tempo. Unlike Fort Payne, Ala.'s favorite sons, Midland guides along its harmony showpiece with gorgeous acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment.

Midland have previously unveiled several songs from their next album, produced by Nashville mainstays Dann Huff, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. Cuts from the 14-song collection issued as instant gratification tracks include "Mr. Lonely," "Put the Hurt on Me," "Playboys" and "Cheatin' Songs." Each song builds off the success of the band's major label debut, 2017's On the Rocks, with new stories inspired by the trio's sudden fame.

"Everything we've learned out on the road touring On the Rocks is all right here in this album," the group's Mark Wystrach states in a press release. "These songs are deeply personal and from the heart."

Per their latest batch of material, Midland applies lessons learned from its prior success without abandoning a look and sound that's rooted in country music nostalgia. "A lot of what was is still so cool, and with the help of Dann, Shane and Josh, as well as the support of Scott and Big Machine, we're able to be true to the music and keep our kind of country alive," says bandmate Jess Carson.

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