Mickey Guyton's "What Are You Gonna Tell Her" is an honest rumination about her experiences of marginalization based on appearance and gender.

Guyton co-wrote "What Are You Gonna Tell Her" with Karen Kosowski and Victoria Banks. In the emotional tune, Guyton talks about how people can be treated differently based on how they look -- especially when it comes to the color of their skin.

"She thinks life is fair and God hears every prayer / And everyone gets their ever after," Guyton sings in the song's first verse. "She thinks love is love and if / You work hard, that's enough / Skin's just skin and it doesn't matter..."

Guyton's point really hits home as she continues, this time focusing on the dichotomy between men and women. "And that her friend's older brother's gonna keep his hands to himself / And that somebody's gon' believe her when she tells," she sings. Press play above to hear the full song.

Guyton previously shared "What Are You Gonna Tell Her" with music industry insiders at Universal Music Group's annual Country Radio Seminar luncheon and showcase on Feb. 20. Guyton's performance of the song, in Nashville's Ryman Auditorium resulted in a standing ovation. At the time of that performance, she had written the song just three weeks earlier.

Guyton's performance was a powerful gut-check for those in the audience at the Ryman, many of whom were radio executives responsible for what songs get played -- and what songs don't -- on country radio. The gender gap in airplay is widely noted, with female artists fighting to make themselves heard at radio.

More information about Guyton can be found on her official website.

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