Alt-country talent Michael Paul Lawson seeks solace in the bright lights of downtown in his brand new single "I Know Where I'm Going Tonight." The engaging first track from the Austin-based artist's upcoming album Love Songs for Loners, set for release on Oct. 7, finds Lawson opting for a familiar distraction to help ease the lingering uncertainty life keeps throwing his way.

"I’ll admit I’m low, but I’m not low enough to make a change," he sings. "So, I don’t know where I’m going in life / But I know where I’m going tonight."

Below, Lawson describes that mysterious, welcoming hole-in-the-wall that offers up the perfect place to pass the time away.

"I like this place — spacious and quiet, but still busy enough to have its own energy," he says. "High-back, leather-upholstered booths line the perimeter, and stained glass lamps hang over the tables. There are a couple of pool tables in the middle of the room. I was here last weekend and the weekend before that. I should find another place — I’m beginning to develop a reputation. The feel of black denim pressed against the pool table helps me pocket any concerns about taking the cue. Nothing else exists now. Hell, I like the anticipation, and maybe I like the reputation, too. I tried to hide it for a long time. That was a mistake. It comes out in dangerous ways when you do that. A little shame is a good thing, and I won’t let it wreck my world anymore, or so I tell myself. I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow it will wreck my world — at least for a little while. It’s all inconsequential right now."

Listen to "I Know Where I'm Going Tonight," which is exclusively premiering at The Boot today, below:

"I Know Where I'm Going Tonight" is the impressive first single from Lawson's upcoming record Love Songs for Loners, due out Oct. 7. Produced by Ken Coomer (Wilco, Will Hoge), the engaging project features eight new tracks with accompaniment from accomplished guitarist Laur Joamets and Billy Mercer on bass. Sonically, Lawson mixes elements of traditional country and darker, edgy folk that set the backdrop for each imagery-driven story-song.

You can find more info about Lawson, including a full list of upcoming tour dates, via his official website.

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