Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift is the subject of a clever new Christmas tune. 'Merry Swiftmas (Even Though I Celebrate Chanukah)' was written and recorded by Evan Taubenfeld, who used to play guitar for Avril Lavigne and now has his own solo career. According to MTV.com, he sent Taylor a Twitter message with a link to the song, to which she responded, "This made me smile."

Evan explains in the lyrics that all he wants for Christmas is Taylor, and he'd be disappointed if any other famous females took her place. "I don't need more toys and shiny things / I just want a blonde who likes to sing / So don't put a bow on a box / There's no need to send Megan Fox / I don't need a big mansion / So let's nix Scarlett Johansson / They'll be teardrops on my guitar / If I end up with Amy Smart / So, Santa, for my gift / Please bring me Taylor Swift"

Pretty catchy, don't you think? The smitten singer goes on to exclaim, "I know her and I are gonna fit / Taylor Taubenfeld has a ring to it." Watch the video below.

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