The Boot's readers have spoken: Martina McBride's Reckless is April 2016's Album of the Month, having received a whopping 77.59 percent of votes against upcoming new releases from artists such as Hayes CarllSturgill SimpsonJosh Kelley and more.

Reckless will be McBride's first album on Nash Icon, following her signing with the label in December of 2014. About one year ago, in April of 2015, the singer revealed that she had begun looking into some new songs and was early in the record creation process.

"I have my favorite songwriters, and I always listen to what they have to say, but it’s just as exciting to get an undiscovered writer. Sometimes it’s a fresh perspective," McBride explains. "Sometimes I’ll have a sound in my head, like a production idea ... so that’s fun to come at it from that point of view, where you can kind of come up with a soundscape and an idea of a style that you want to do and then find songs around that. And then sometimes you just find the songs, and they dictate how you want to do the album.”

In January, during a concert in Atlantic City, N.J., McBride shared Reckless' first single, its title track; the song was officially released as a single in late February, with its music video making its debut in early March. "Reckless" was written by Sarah Buxton, Zach Crowell and Heather Morgan; Nathan Chapman and Dann Huff produced the track.

“I was immediately drawn to this song. It’s really a song expressing gratitude to someone who is willing to reach out and see the best in you and loves you unconditionally,” McBride notes. “I feel like its universal and that most everyone has someone who believed in them and maybe even pulled them through a hard time. I’ve heard people say it reminds them of their relationship with their mom or sister or counselor.”

The song features McBride’s voice well, but it changes things up for the singer in style and tempo.

“It’s a really unique sound,” McBride says. “I feel like the production is definitely fresh and different, but I also I feel like my singing is very familiar. It’s the kind of song people hear and people say, ‘Oh, that sounds like her.’"

On March 14, McBride officially announced the upcoming release of Reckless, her 13th studio disc, recorded at Nashville's Blackbird Studio.

“This album feels so good! That’s the best way I can describe it,” McBride states. “I spent a lot of time finding songs that felt personal to me. I figure, if I can relate to them, someone else will, too. There are songs about love, life, hope, loss, leaving and coming home. And that’s what making this album felt like to me … coming home. We took our time and just let the songs and production develop."

Though McBride has written songs for herself before, she didn’t rely on her songwriting skills for her new album; instead, she turned to other Nashville tunesmiths.

“I haven’t written anything that’s as good as what I’ve found from these amazing Nashville songwriters,” McBride admits. “Nashville is a really special place — it’s a community of songwriters and producers and musicians. I’ve been able to find really great songs.”

Reckless is set for release on April 29. It is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Martina McBride, Reckless Track Listing:

1. “Reckless”
2. “It Ain’t Pretty”
3. “Just Around the Corner”
4. “Everybody Wants to Be Loved”
5. “Low All Afternoon”
6. “That’s the Thing About Love”
7. “The Real Thing”
8. “Diamond”
9. “We’ll Pick Up Where We Left Off”
10. “You and You Alone”

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