Backed by an all-female mariachi horn band, Las Mariachi Lindas Mexicanas, Margo Price used her noteworthy voice to make a statement on Conan on Wednesday night (March 7). Readers can press play above to see her performance of "Pay Gap," a timely track with an important message.

"Honey, I work so hard for my money / And I leave my babies at home / Breaking my back, trying to bring home a check / And working my fingers to the bone," Price sings in the first verse of "Pay Gap." "At the end of the day / It feels like a game / One I was born to lose / This institution / A dead revolution / Is giving your women abuse."

The song's chorus drives the point home: "Pay gap / Pay gap / Why don't you do the math? / Pay gap / Pay gap / Ripping my dollars in half."

For her performance on Conan, Price sported an "inclusion rider" sticker on her guitar during. It's a reference to a movement that started in Hollywood that pushes for gender equality and diversity in hiring and employment practices. Price is bringing the same battle cry to the music industry.

Price is promoting her latest album, All American Madewhich came out in October of last year. The record follows 2016's Midwest Farmer's Daughter, her critically acclaimed debut disc.

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