Margo Price has selected a new single off of her debut album, Midwest Farmer's Daughter. "Four Years of Chances" was released via Third Man Records on Wednesday (Aug. 31), and it's a killer kiss-off.

"I gave you four years of chances / But you threw 'em all away / I gave you one thousand, four-hundred, sixty-one days," Price sings to set up the premise of her new single, which is all about wasted time and moving on to something better. "Four Years of Chances" mixes slip-slidey guitars, jazzy pianos and crisp drum beats, crescendoing with each new chorus to highlight Price's vocal prowess.

"I wrote ["Four Years of Chances"] after a conversation with a girlfriend of mine ... and she was talking about a relationship that had gone awry, and she said in the middle of it, 'Well, I gave him four years of chances!' and I thought it was a really clever line, so I kinda took it and ran with it," Price says in a video exclusive from the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, adding that the song is as much about her own "breakup" with a former band as it is about a lost relationship. "A lot of it was also a metaphor for me leaving my old band and joining a new band, kinda breaking up with one and finding something that worked for me."

Thankfully, Price did find a new band -- and it seems as though the subject of "Fours Years of Chances" found a good man, too.

"I found myself a good man now / You know, he treats me like he should / We live in a shack by a railroad track / He's out back chopping wood," Price sings. "We don't have have too much money / But I'll tell you why that's okay / He loves me every moment / Of them three-hundred sixty-five days."

"Four Years of Chances," and all of Midwest Farmer's Daughter, is available via iTunes.

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