A whirlwind of wedding day festivities magnifies the flaws of a marriage that may not be so meant-to-be in Mallory Johnson's brand new music video for "Married."

The burgeoning country star's playful anthem asks why a day of glamour and fun must also mean giving up the freedom of being on your own. Sometimes the urge to fulfill societal expectations or simply take the next logical step in a relationship leads couples to tie the knot — even if it's already on the way to unraveling. That theme is at the center of Johnson's new music video, which takes a lighthearted look at one couple's seemingly doomed nuptials.

“I’ll admit that one of the reasons I wanted to release ‘Married’ as a single was so I could potentially shoot a music video and throw myself a wedding," Johnson tells The Boot. "I wanted to wear a white dress, cut the cake, drink too much champagne, and throw a really big party with my family and friends, and that’s exactly what we did! I also wanted to include little nuggets of humour throughout the video hinting at a marriage that's doomed from the start — like no one catching the bouquet, me hesitating to sign the registry, and an aunt dressed in white gifting me a set of knives (which is a wedding superstition and considered to be bad luck)."

The track's playful video finds Johnson taking on the role of a nervous bride on her big day and all that comes with it, from the pregame sips of champagne with her bridesmaids to dancing at the reception — along with plenty of awkward moments in between.

"I’ve worked with Cecil Johnson (Director) on most of my video projects in the past and I’m always so impressed by his vision and his skill and the way he tells a story. It was so much fun to see it all pieced together and I’m really excited for everyone to see it!”

Watch the official music video for "Married," which is premiering exclusively at The Boot today, below:

Since the release of her self-titled debut EP in 2018, Johnson has built a dedicated fanbase while quickly earning the respect of many established country artists. She's won multiple songwriting competitions and fan-voted awards in the U.S. as well as her home country of Canada. Her undeniable talents have also earned her multiple support shared the stage with country hitmakers Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts and Carolyn Dawn Johnson.

"Married" follows up Johnson's 2021 single “Wise Woman,” her stellar collaboration with acclaimed Canadian alt-country duo Twin Kennedy. Johnson recruited longtime Dolly Parton producer Kent Wells, who also worked on "Married," to help create her debut full-length record which is currently set for release this fall.

Fans can learn more about Mallory Johnson by visiting her official website or following her on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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