Reba McEntire is headed back to the small screen with her new show, "Malibu Country," but this foray back into acting doesn't mean the hitmaker is taking a break from music. In fact, she acknowledges how the sitcom's story line -- which focuses on her character, Reba Gallagher, trying to revamp her music career -- lends itself to creating new tunes for the show.

"That's what the fans are really asking for," Reba tells "Entertainment Tonight." "They're really excited about me playing a country singer ... I do write a lot of the songs in the show. We've already got two songs in the pilot and the first episode, so we're ready to go with the music." (Watch the full interview below.)

The venture even opens up the opportunity for collaborations with some of Reba's famous friends. "I've already talked to Blake [Shelton] and Kelly [Clarkson] and they said that they would appear, so we just got to get the script right when we need 'em in here," she reveals. "It's got to be honest. Everything about this show's got to be honest."

On "Reba" -- which aired for six seasons -- the Oklahoma native was know as Reba Hart, again using her first name, and following the lead of another famous redhead.

"It's easier for me to remember, especially when someone's hollering at me, I know how to respond," she jokes, "but I did some research and I did find out that Lucille Ball kept 'Lucy' [through] the six different shows that she did, so I thought, 'That's a pretty good person to pattern after.'"

"Malibu Country" debuts Nov. 2 at 8:30 PM ET on ABC.

Watch Reba's Interview With "Entertainment Tonight"

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