Country fans have a wide selection of new tunes to choose from this week! Read on to get to know all the latest tracks from your favorite artists.

Luke Combs, "What You See is What You Get":

The title track of Luke Combs' highly anticipated sophomore album doesn't mince words when it comes to who the singer is and what fans can expect from his music. "What You See is What You Get" lays bare everything about Combs' personality: The good, the bad and the ugly.

"I'm a midnightin', backslidin', getaway car drivin' runnin' away with your heart / I guess be careful what you wish for is all I meant what I said / What you see is what you get," he sings on the track's hard-charging chorus. Co-written by the artist along with Barry Dean and Jonathan Singleton, "What You See is What You Get" is the 12th track on Combs' forthcoming album, which is due out on Nov. 8. -- CL

Miranda Lambert, "Tequila Does":

Artists like Dan + Shay and Jon Pardi have famously name-checked tequila in recent releases. Now, Miranda Lambert proves once again that this agave-based alcoholic beverage can make for just as good a country song as beer or whiskey with "Tequila Does."

The liquor-soaked sway-a-long switches between slow, waltzing verses and a fast paced chorus, making it a difficult number to dance along to for even the quickest-footed of border town cowboys. "Tequila Does" comes off of Lambert's upcoming new project, Wildcard. Though the singer recently shared the official version of the track, she's been incorporating "Tequila Does" into her set lists at recent Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars tour stops. -- CL

Kree Harrison, "Get Away With Anything":

Kree Harrison's new single, the sultry and intoxicating "Get Away With Anything," is the next taste of an album due out at the top of 2020. Harrison co-produced the track with Jordan Lehning and Skylar Willson, and it was written by Austin Jenckes, Daniel Ross, Sarah Turner and Joey Hyde.

The singer tells Billboard that "Get Away With Anything" is her favorite of the new batch of songs to play live. "When I sing it, it reminds me of being in a relationship with someone who can do no wrong, like you're under this love spell, but you love it," she explains. "It's haunting and sexy and I love people's reaction with they hear it." -- CL

Brandon Lay, "Still Rock & Roll":

Brandon Lay brings searing guitar lines and a nostalgic, rock-inflected spirit to his newest song, "Still Rock & Roll." The story line remembers a relationship as iconic as a Bruce Springsteen hit. Though the love story might seem to be over, it all comes rushing back with just one over-the-shoulder glance.

"You're still rock 'n' roll in slow motion looking over your shoulder / At quarter 'til two we're just one drink from you coming over / Like a song you ain't heard in a while but you sing every line," Lay sings in the chorus. The track was cowritten with JT Hodges and Shane McAnally. -- CL

Hannah Dasher, "The Tree":

Hannah Dasher spotlights her love of traditional country music -- and offers a warning to those who forget the genre's roots -- in her new song, "The Tree." "We're getting a little too from the / three chords and the truth part of it / Forgettin' where the roots are / Is gonna kill the tree," she sings in a powerhouse, steadily plodding chorus. -- CL

Trea Landon, "What Feelin' Good Feels Like":

The simple things in life add up to a whole lot, and Trea Landon celebrates all the little pleasures in his new "What Feelin' Good Feels Like." Co-written by the artist along with Danny Myrick and Bryan West, the track name-checks small, beautiful moments, from sipping sweet tea on a front porch to watching a sunset. "What Feelin' Good Feels Like" follows Landon's debut single, "Loved By a Country Boy." -- CL

Candi Carpenter, "The Astronaut": 

Candi Carpenter tackles big, existential questions in her new single, "The Astronaut," which was produced by Brandi Carlile. The lyrics wax philosophical about the meaning of life and humans' place in the universe, ultimately settling on the fact that the one thing that we know for sure is that -- well, we'll never know for sure.

"What if Jesus came back years ago / And this is hell and we don't know that's where we've been," Carpenter sings in the first verse of the song. "What if the dinosaurs really died of hate and holy war / And we're no better than them?" Carpenter co-wrote the track with Alden Witt and John Caldwell. -- CL 

Dylan Jakobsen, "I Am":

Dylan Jakobsen’s latest release, “I Am,” gives thanks to everyone that has helped him along his lifelong journey to become the man that he is today. With every life lesson, struggle or accomplishment and relationship forged or lost, Jakobsen molded his identity and for that he is grateful. Jakobsen explains in a press email about the song that “I Am” is “The thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped shape me into the man I am today. The song that people wait in lines to tell me they have never related to something more in their life.” Jakobsen continues, speaking directly to his audience, “This is may be about me, but this is our song. Together, we are, I am." -- CC

Katie Pruitt, "Loving Her":

Katie Pruitt celebrates National Coming Out Day with her new song, "Loving Her," off of the just-announced forthcoming debut album Expectations. The song's video spans scenes of a Nashville Pride Parade, highlighting images of acceptance, love, and people coming together in support of each other.

The song speaks to Pruitt's real-life coming out story, which wasn't always an easy process. The singer admits she struggled to come to terms with what her faith told her about herself and the person she loved. "Why is being 'gay' and 'Christian' somehow mutually exclusive? I wrestled with this concept my whole life," she says in a press release. "I finally decided that even if it was a sin, I didn't care. I was in love for the first time with a beautiful girl who loved me back. It didn't feel wrong to me."

Unfortunately, Pruitt's family didn't initially see things that way. "After a tough phone conversation with my father, his words still ringing in my head... 'I'm sorry, I just don't understand it.' To which I responded, 'People don't like what they don't understand.'" -- CL 

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