Sometimes, if you want to get a group of people to do accomplish a goal, all you need to do is offer them a little incentive. That is exactly what Luke Combs did when he promised to share a new song if he hit one million followers on Instagram.

A few hours before midnight on New Year's Eve, Combs took to his Twitter to let his fans know what was up. "Here’s the deal - I’m 3k followers away from 1M on Instagram (@lukecombs - )," he explained, adding that he'd made a wager with his fiancee, Nicole Hocking, that he could hit the milestone in record time.  "@nicohocking bet me we can’t get there by midnight; if we do, I’ll post a video of a new song that y’all have never heard tomorrow. Let’s go."

Enticed by the idea of a new song, Combs' fans accepted the challenge, hitting one million followers by the stroke of midnight. The singer followed through on his word and shared a video of an unreleased song called "Every Little Bit Helps." The song is about taking baby steps to get over heartbreak; Combs sings about handling things step by step and appreciating that even a little progress is something. "Every Little Bit Helps" was written by Combs along with James McNair and Chase McGill. Press play above to hear the song!

Combs already has a busy year ahead of him: He'll embark on his Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour at the end of the month. Lanco and Jameson Rodgers will be his opening acts.

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