Luke Bryan's latest tune isn't exactly a lovelorn ode to undying devotion. Rather, it deals with another kind of romantic connection: a heartbroken woman determined to put a breakup behind her, and the guy who's ready to help her move on. Press play above to listen.

From the very beginning, the song's narrator is mesmerized by his new partner -- as is everyone else who lays eyes on her during their night out. "She walks up, velvet rope unhooks / She snaps her fingers and a drink comes / She locks you down with just one look / She's got this whole club undone," Bryan sings in the first verse of "What She Wants Tonight."

As the song progresses, the pair dance and drink, the narrator following eagerly along with everything his new love interest decides to do next. "What She Wants Tonight" was penned by Bryan alongside co-writers Hillary Lindsey, Jon Nite and Ross Copperman.

"It just talks about this girl. She’s kind of … She owns the night. She gets what she wants, and I get to be what she wants tonight," Bryan says of the song (quote via Kicks 99). "And, it’s funny, I feel like it’s something, you know, girls love. Girls love hearing that sentiment."

Bryan's new song follows "Knockin' Boots," a surprise single that he dropped in March. In September, he promised, "There will be something soon, very soon," and also revealed that he was putting serious consideration toward a new record. However, Bryan added, his next album might well be shorter than fans are hoping for.

The singer's earlier studio albums leaned toward the shorter side, with his first two records containing 11 tracks each and albums 3-5 containing 13. His most recent project, 2017's What Makes You Country boasts 15 cuts. However, Bryan explains, shorter track lists can help keep songs from getting lost, especially in an era of digital streaming that makes it easy for listeners to consume music one song at a time.

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