Luke Bryan proves his acting chops once again in his brand-new 'Drunk on You' video, which is the sequel to his 'I Don't Want This Night to End' video. "I pulled out some of the old theatre skills from back in my high school days!" says the country star.

In 'I Don't Want This Night to End,' Luke meets a gorgeous blonde and falls head over heels, but we don't know how their love story ends. She disappears, and he tells his manager (played by video director Shaun Silva) to leave a ticket for her at his next show. 'Drunk on You' picks up two months later, with Luke having left tickets for his mysterious lady at every single show he's done since meeting her ... to no avail. Will she finally show up? Watch the world premiere of Luke's 'Drunk on You' video (below) to find out.

Watch Luke Bryan's "Drunk on You" Video

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