Lorrie Morgan has written several of the songs on her numerous albums, including the title track of her recent record with Pam Tillis, 'Dos Divas,' but now she is using her songwriting abilities in another way.

The songstress, along with her brother, Marty Morgan, started the Red Hot Jingle Company several years ago, and chances are, even people who have never listened to country music have heard one of her recent ads. The siblings produced a new jingle for Liberty Tax, 'EZ Capeezy,' just in time for tax season.

“It gave us an opportunity to showcase our family’s musical gift in another way,” she tells Nashville's Tennessean. “When you get a big company like Liberty Tax and they give you a great budget and you have the opportunity to use Nashville’s most elite musicians -- that was fun. We weren’t just going in and doing a little demo. It was really exciting for us. We felt like it really legitimizes us.”

Morgan acknowledges writing a jingle is much different than penning songs for her records.

“You’ve got to get to the point quick,” she explains. “You only have sometimes a minute or less to get your point across and that’s one thing that’s really creative about Marty. I tend to be poetic about writing a song and Marty’s like, ‘No, we have to get to the point quick.’”

The Nashville native, who also wrote an unofficial song for the Tennessee Titans called 'Titan Up,' says the company is a way for the siblings to express their creativity in another way.

“Marty and I are not just songwriters,” she adds. “We have a lot of creativity running around in (our heads) and we just decided to put it to use and see where we could go with it. It’s very challenging and extremely rewarding. I don’t ever want to quit dreaming and quit being creative.”

Morgan is spending much of the next few months on the road, performing solo shows as well as Grits and Glamour concerts with Tillis. See all of her upcoming shows here.

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