Artist: Lissie

Hometown: Rock Island, Ill.

Current Single: 'In Sleep'

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Why We Dig Her: Lissie's music sonically portrays just who she is -- a Midwesterner who grew up with all the right lessons and just can't stop her rebellious musical instincts from bursting forth. The result is music that sounds like Bobbie Gentry meets Natalie Maines with a dash of Wynonna, or is that Sheryl Crow? Whomever you choose, the result is the same -- gritty, world-weary vocals telling tales of love lost, dreams unfulfilled and hopes that endure.

The sound is all her own but with plenty of nods to the rebellious crooners including Gretchen Wilson who paved the 'Redneck Woman' path. Lissie was so sure she wanted to be a singer that she dropped out of high school and played Los Angeles' coffeehouse scene until she landed a 2008 opening gig with Lenny Kravitz. Her 2007 EP 'Why You Runnin'?' was well received, but her debut album 'Catching a Tiger' (released August 17) may just push her into new musical realms.

Lissie in on the road in support of her new music. For a full list of her tour dates and cities, click here.