Country artists were ready for summer this week, with a collection of catchy, up-tempo anthems that are sure to make their way into all your summer playlists. Read on to get all caught up in the world of new country singers! 

Lee Brice, "Rumor"

Lee Brice has released a new single off of his 2017 self-titled album. "Rumor" is about a guy and girl who are so close, despite not being in a relationship, that people can't help but gossip about them. "There's a rumor going 'round about me and you / Stirring up our little town the last week or two,” Brice sings. “So tell me, why we even trying to deny this feeling? / I feel it, don't you feel it too? / There's a rumor going 'round and 'round and 'round / What d'you say we make it true, baby?" "Rumor" will impact radio on July 16. -- CC

Michigan Rattlers, "Just Good Night"

Michigan Rattlers have released “Just Good Night” as the first single from their debut record. The Americana trio, comprised of Graham Young, Adam Reed and Christian Wilder, mixes heartfelt lyrics and a steady folk-rock beat with a Midwestern edge while telling the story of a man driving through the night to get back to his love before they have to be separated once again; “Well, make some room / You know I'm coming through / I always stay for as long as I can / Hold me tight, and I'll hold you tight / Well, saying goodbye is just good night." -- CC

Carlton Anderson, "Drop Everything"

Carlton Anderson is keeping it classic with his single "Drop Everything." Although the meaning behind the song might be tried and true, the way Anderson sings about trying to persuade a girl to break up with her boyfriend to be with him makes it sound like the first time: “Drop everything, your plans, your man / I don't see a ring on your pretty little hand,” he sings.“Drop some plastic on the tab, my Chevy into gear / Drop your keys by my door, your coat on the floor / We'll go from there, drop everything.”The Texas native blends his natural southern twang with a steady rhythm, creating a refreshing song perfect for the summer . -- CC

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