As you might expect, music played a big part in the wedding of LeAnn Rimes to actor Eddie Cibrian last week. Although, you may be surprised by the musical choices, the first of which brought Eddie to tears.

"I had a moment by myself [prior to the ceremony] where I played a song [LeAnn] wrote for me specifically for the wedding: 'How Much a Heart Can Hold,'" he tells People magazine. "It was so beautiful. I just started crying."

The couple, who were married in front of approximately 40 friends and family, had their first dance to Patty Griffin's 'When it Don't Come Easy.' With lyrics such as "If you forget my love / I'll try to remind you / and stay by you when it don't come easy," the tune was certainly fitting given the scandalous start of the bride and groom's relationship, and the media frenzy they've weathered ever since.

"We've overcome just about everything we possibly could to be together," LeAnn says. "Nothing's quite come easy in this relationship, except for us knowing that we belong together."

However, Mr. and Mrs. Cibrian's entrance to their reception takes the cake. The newlyweds were joined by Cibrian's sons Mason (7) and Jake (4) from his first marriage, and entered to music from 'Star Wars,' all carrying light sabers. Additionally, the foursome were introduced as the "Cibrian family."

The couple surprised attendees, who were under the impression they were attending an engagement party. According to People, the couple even got ready together before their nuptials, sipping champagne and rocking out to Sir Mix-a-Lot's 'Baby's Got Back.'