Larkin Poe know you shouldn't believe everything you hear. The sister duo's latest song, "Keep Diggin'," warns as much, and tries to untwist fact from fiction.

Rebecca and Megan Lovell call "Keep Diggin'" "a playful warning to those with loose lips." "Hear what they say / See what they do / And if it don't match up / They prolly lying to you," goes the bridge of the song, a bluesy, uptempo track filled with handclaps and fun guitar. But, they add, "Hear what they say / See what they do / And if it don't match up / I might be lying too."

"Some songs feel like they want to be written; they almost seem to spin together of their own accord like a tornado and move with their own momentum. "Keep Diggin'" was one of those songs,” Larkin Poe share. "The taste for gossip comes standard issue for most folks, and especially for those of us born and raised in the South. As our aunt Stella May used to say, "If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit next to me."

"Keep Diggin'" comes from Larkin Poe's forthcoming new album, Self Made Man. The 10-track record is due out on June 12 (pushed back from May 1) via Tricki-Woo Records. Previously, the duo has shared "Holy Ghost Fire" and "She's a Self Made Man" from the project, which they produced with Roger Alan Nichols.

"This is, in a lot of ways, is the first lyrically uplifting record we’ve made," Megan Lowell says. "People can go through terrible things. People can weather immeasurable sorrow and hard times, and yet we can still come out on the other side, pull ourselves together, and thrive. This record reflects some of the joy and positivity that we ourselves feel and appreciate."

Self Made Man follows Venom & Faith, Larkin Poe's fourth studio album. The 2018 release earned the pair a Best Contemporary Blues Album nod at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

Larkin Poe are currently off the road, due to bans on mass gatherings in light of the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). However, they're playing a series of livestreams, dubbed Home Sweet Home, some of the proceeds from which will benefit United Way Nashville, and are looking to begin live shows again on Aug. 14, with their European tour rescheduled for Spring 2021.

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