Kix Brooks and Randy Houser have debuted a music video for 'High in the Saddle (Can't Kill a Memory),' a song the pair collaborated on for the film 'Ambush at Dark Canyon.'

The video is a mixture of footage from the film with behind-the-scenes shots of Brooks and Houser in the recording studio. 'High in the Saddle' is featured on the film's soundtrack, which Brooks recorded and produced.

In addition to the musical credits, 'Ambush' also gave Brooks a turn as leading man. In an interview with Billboard magazine, he says that westerns have always held an intense connection with country music.

“I think a lot of us grew up being fans of westerns and those old TV shows,” he explains. “It’s the cowboy hat, jeans and boots, and it goes along with our music. It’s that simple and honest mentality. Most westerns are basically good vs. evil, and people like watching westerns because they know that in the end, the good guy is going to get the best of them.”

'Ambush at Dark Canyon' and its soundtrack are available exclusively at Walmart and Sam's Club locations.