Ahead of the release of his new album, Kip Moore has shared music videos for two of its tracks. Readers can see Moore's "The Bull" video above, and press play below to watch a clip for "Blonde."

The rowdy, Jack Daniels-fueled "The Bull" music video features Moore working off a heartbreak by smashing up a guitar and being dragged along in a gritty dream sequence to an underground party. “Thank you, Mama, for rollin’ / Thank you, Daddy, for the rock,” he sings in the chorus. “But most of all, most of all / Thank the bulls who bucked me off.”

Unlike every other song recorded by Moore, “The Bull” wasn’t written by the artist; instead, it was written by songwriters Luke Dick, with whom Moore has worked before, and Jon Randall. However, the song immediately appealed to Moore, who says that he’s been “bucked off” a few times in his own life.

“I was pretty sucked into the feel of this song and the message behind it,” Moore told Billboard. “I feel I’ve taken several of life’s punches over the years, and it’s what you do when that happens that will shape the person you become. This song was me, and that’s why it’s the first outside song I’ve ever recorded.”

"Blonde," meanwhile -- both the song and the video -- finds Moore taking aim at celebrity culture, and the need some people feel to put on a show for social media.

"There are a few pros to social media, but, for the most part, it's pretty destructive to the soul. People seek all their validation through it and end up craving other people's lives," Moore tells Rolling Stone. "It's caused everyone to chase fame for the sole purpose of being famous or Insta-famous ... It causes people to lose their damn minds."

Titled Slowheart, Moore's next album is set for release on Sept. 8. The artist is also headed out on the road this fall in support of the record; he'll be joined on tour by Drake White and Jordan Davis.

Watch Kip Moore's "Blonde" Music Video

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